Chris VanDagna is the Global Delo Off Road Segment Manager for Chevron Lubricants. In this role he’s responsible for the developing and deploying global commercial lubricant off-road segment strategies within the Mining, Construction, Agricultural, and Oil & Gas segments. Chris has held this role for over a year, and prior to that was a Business Consultant for Chevron Lubricants in the Northeast US, specializing in off road applications. Chris is OMA-1 certified, and holds a MBA from Regis University, and a BA from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Shawn Whitacre is a Senior Staff Engineer for Chevron Lubricants with responsibility for heavy-duty engine oil product development. Shawn’s career spans 21 years and has been focused exclusively on research and engineering related to heavy-duty engine lubricants, fuels, and materials. Before joining Chevron in 2013, he spent 12 years leading global fluids and materials engineering activities for Cummins and five years conducting research for the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, CO. Shawn was the lead formulator responsible for introduction of Chevron’s API CK-4 and API FA-4 product line upgrade and is the chairman of the ASTM Heavy-Duty Engine Oil Classification Panel. Shawn has Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Dayton (OH).