Chevron Reliability Maintenance Commitment (RMC) Award

“The Commitment to Continuously Improve”

We know it takes hard work and dedication to develop a Best-in-Class operation.  That is why we developed the Chevron RMC Award.  It’s a challenge to continuously improve and we want to acknowledge the effort between the Customer, Chevron Lubricant Marketer and Chevron to elevate their business. 

The goal is to highlight tangible end-user/customer gains in their lubrication/maintenance program that impacts all facets of the operation: Optimized Tasks, Defect Elimination, Improved Uptime, Reduced TCO, improved safety, etc.  The improvement efforts begin with a Site Assessment that identifies critical areas and improvement opportunities to impact the overall business. 

The collaboration between the team of experts to establish a strategy and execute with excellence deserves to be celebrated.

Who can win:

  • Any Off-Road account that has executed a Best In Class Assessment which identified improvement opportunities, implemented the strategy and documented benefits (tangible and intangible). 

Criteria to win:

  • Off Road Account
  • Executed a BIC Assessment
  • RBL+ Proposal / Calculators
  • Fluid Analysis Review
  • Documented benefits
    • Financial impacts,
    • Equipment reliability
    • Operational efficiency
    • Fluid analysis trending
    • Before and after pictures
    • Safety